Trends 2021

We just finished the most unpredictable year of our recent history. Although the possibility of a black swan that could radically change our reality was part of the conversation for a couple of years, we never imagined that it would come in the form of a pandemic of such proportions.

Covid-19 has served to accelerate many of the social changes that we were already experiencing and something we have written about: the pressure for brands and institutions to take a stand on social problems, the mistrust of the truthfulness of the news, the citizens’ fears about the future of our planet, the importance of mental health, the questioning of capitalism, and the increasing importance that our home would have as the center of our activities. These are the topics we saw come to the forefront through the Covid-19 lens.

It is not easy to predict what the new year will be like, but there is no doubt that today we have more studies, analyses and projections than ever before. So, even if it is a year of uncertainty, perhaps the most difficult thing for me when writing this report has been choosing among so many collected observations.

A lot of material is left out. However, I am sure that this report gives a good account of the path societies are taking and that, without a doubt, it helps to reduce uncertainty for companies and brands when it comes to understanding cultural changes.

With best wishes for a year of great inspiration, we invite you to read, comment on and discuss these 2021 Trends.